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3.1 – Policy Committee Terms of Reference






Policy Number:                   3.1


Scope Of Authority

The Policy & Constitutional Review Standing Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Governance of the Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association Inc, and is given authority to make recommendations back to the Board of Governance regarding required policy, contractual and constitutional changes as they relate to the Volunteer Association.


Purpose / Goals of the Sub-Committee

  1. The ongoing review of current ‘internal’ Volunteer Association Policy and Procedure documents.


  1. The review and negotiation of current ‘external’ contracts with affiliated agencies, when due.


  1. To examine and make recommendations on new contracts with affiliated agencies arising from time to time.


  1. To develop new policy documents as required by the Volunteer Association – and to take these to Board level for final comment and endorsement



The Policy & Constitutional Review Standing Committee is to be elected, at the latest at the first Board meeting following the AGM.


The Sub-Committee will consist of;  

– The Executive Officer

            – At least one member of the Executive Committee

            – A minimum of two other members of the Board of Governance


The Sub-Committee shall also have the power to coopt persons to the Sub-Committee from time to time, that they deem to have appropriate expertise to compliment the expertise of the Sub-Committee.


A Chairperson will be elected by the Sub-Committee



These ToR were adopted by the Board of Governance on 21.6.2000

Last reviewed and updated April 2012