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Mission & Objectives




Mission Statement

The Lyell McEwin Volunteer Association seek to offer support to those in our community who are directly or indirectly affected by ill health or the ageing process


• To establish and maintain  best volunteer management practices in order to provide an avenue for community development

• To complement the services provided by the Lyell McEwin Hospital and its affiliated agencies      

• To raise funds to;                

            a) Maintain independence as an incorporated body                

            b) Provide the necessary infrastructure for Association business                

            c) Purchase additional amenities for the Lyell McEwin Hospital

• To be recognised as a professional volunteer organisation

• To develop meaningful and open partnerships in all dealings with key stakeholders

• To facilitate meaningful volunteer opportunities

• To maintain an identity of independence and autonomy

• To recognise, value and support the role of Volunteer Managers

• To actively promote the work that we do