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Significant Contributors


While we acknowledge that every member of our team makes a contribution that is significant, the following list identifies those individuals who have been recognised as significant contributors by way of receiving life membership and other awards or who have filled official leadership roles within the life of the Association over the years



Dorothy JOEL                     (Auxiliary)
Barbara BAKKELO             (Guide Services)
Fay BETTS *                         (Guide Services)
Shirley BOND                      (Guide Services)
Moss WEATHERBURN * (FOTE / Tregenza)
Marlene LOW                      (Auxiliary)
Ann TAYLOR                       (Administration)
Barbara VARLEY *             (Auxiliary)


Penny KEARSE                 (Heritage / Cafe / TV / Board)
Kathyrn McDONALD*    (Pastoral Care)
Margaret RITZEMA*      (Guide Services)


Lloyd BRITTON*            (Pharmacy / Guide Services)
Maria CAPURSO            (Pastoral Care)
Gina KRIEG                    (Hospice)


Jacquie SCHULZ*         (Playroom)



Garth TOMPKINS*       (Past President)



Elsie PEPPER                (Pastoral Care)



Rona COLBERT            (Cafe)
Tom COLBERT*           (Transport / Past President)
Des BRABHAM*          (Palliative Care)


Win HARRIP                (Pastoral Care)


Margaret ATKINSON * (Guide Services)
Colwyn LOW                (Auxiliary / Recruitment / Board)


Reg BUICK                   (Respite Care Services)
Andy FRYAR                (CEO)
Geoff WHATLEY        (Respite Care / Thrifty V / BBQ / Board)


Ann MOYSES              (Gift Shop)
Ann SURRELL            (Recruitment / Board)


Faye DAVIDSON        (Club 84)
Marjorie MORRITT   (Club 84)
Margaret POTTER     (Club 84)


Donna AMOS            (Past – Director of Volunteers)
Bill HOPGOOD         (Respite Care / BBQ / Thrifty V)
Dianne WHATLEY   (Emergency / Thrifty V)
Adrienne WHITE     (Board / Transport)


Christine KELLAS            (Gift Shop)
Irene FERNS                    (Cafe V)
Ann DUNCAN                 (Emergency Dept)
Kath HAWKE*                    (Cafe V)
Christine BARBER             (Guide)
Keith ASHWORTH               (TV Trolley)
Majorie ELLBOURN            (Gift Shop)
Lorraine GASKIN             (ED & Craft)
* Denotes that life member is deceased




Awarded to those who have made significant contributions within the previous year which will have a long term legacy for the Association

2004   –   ANN TAYLOR 
The inaugural Ann Taylor Award was presented to Ann Taylor in acknowledgment of her many years serving the Volunteer Association in a variety of positions – most notably, having spent 13 years as President.
2005   –  LMH AUXILIARY 
During 2005 the hospital Auxiliary disbanded, and so the Ann Taylor award for 2005 was awarded to this group in acknowledgement of their outstanding contributions since their incpetion in 1958. 
2006   –  CAROL DOWNARD 
Carol Downard received the award in 2006 in recognition of her outstanding efforts in guiding the Association’s Cafe through a period of unrest and change.
2007   –  RUTH DAW 
Ruth Daw made an amazing contribution throughout 2007 assisting in a variety of ways – working in the hospital’s playroom, staffing the guide desk and establishing fundraising activities in the Women’s Health division
2008   –  GEOFF WHATLEY 
Geoff Whatley was a worthy recipient in 2008, particularly in acknowledgement of his development of the Volunteer Association’s BBQ Trailier fundraising program
2009   –   HANSEN YUNCKEN 
Building company Hansen Yuncken were awarded the 2009 award for their significant partnership with the Association to create a visitor garden outside of Cafe V 
2010   –   David WHATLEY  
David received the award in 2010 for his significant contribution in establishing the Associations (then) new van hire service, ensuring the vehicles were well maintained and always cleaned
2011   –   Rose WHISTON  
Rose received the award for her significant contributions in establishing the Elizabeth Vale ‘Thrifty V’ store
2012   –   Margaret BISSETT  
Margaret was awarded the Ann Taylor award for her outstanding contributions to the oversight of the hospital’s TV system, especially during a difficult period where the hospital TV system changed considerably. 
2013  –     Derek HILL
Derek received the award for extensive infrastructure work that he did for the Thrifty V operation and for the support that he provided specifically relating to IT that he did for the Operations Centre
2014  –     Jill TALBOT
Jill received this award because of her significant and tireless contribution to building the Thrifty V operation from its fledgling beginnings.
2015 – No Award Given