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Policy 10.2 – Infectious Conditions





POLICY NUMBER:                        10.2




All reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure that children in the care of LMH Playroom will be free from known childhood and other infectious & transmittable conditions



* That clear guidelines will exist, that minimise the risk of children contracting childhood and

other infectious conditions, whilst in the care of Playroom volunteer staff


* That clear guidelines will exist, that minimise the risk of staff contracting childhood and other

infectious conditions


* That clear & standard procedures be developed to assist Playroom staff in dealing with the        discovery of such conditions.


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

  1. This policy refers primarily to childhood transmittable conditions, including mumps, measles, head lice, whooping cough and chicken pox but is also applicable to all infectious conditions.


  1. All parents / care givers who are signing a child in to the Playroom, will, as part of that process be asked to indicate if, to their knowledge, the child / children have any known ailment (the above examples shall be given)


  1. Should a care giver indicate in the affirmative, Playroom team members are to notify the care giver that we are not able to care for the child / children on that occasion


  1. Should a condition be discovered after a child has been admitted to the Playroom area (eg head lice), or should a child become ill after being admitted – the designated Playroom Team Leader will phone the care giver and request that they come and collect the child / children, explaining the condition that has been discovered.


  1. Should there be extenuating circumstances surrounding the care of the child / children that makes it impossible for their immediate collection (eg. mother in labour, emergency admission through Emergency Dept), it will be the responsibility of the Playroom volunteers to keep that child / children separated from other children in the area to the best of their ability.


  1. In these situations, the care givers of any additional children who are brought to the Playroom while the affected child / children are still there, should be made aware of the situation prior to having their child admitted to the area.


  1. The care givers of other children already in the area will be informed of the discovery of the condition and the action Playroom staff have taken to avoid cross contamination


  1. When a child has been admitted with a transmittable condition, due care will be taken to isolate and sterilise all the toys that child / children has had contact with.


  1. A report of these situations will be made by the designated Key Volunteer to the Executive Officer or Director of Volunteer Services before the end of the shift


  1. Children will not be re-admitted to the Playroom until the condition has been treated or the recommended exclusion period (as set by the NHMRC) has elapsed


  1. Should the Volunteer Association become aware of a child having had an infectious condition after they have been in the care of the Playroom, every effort would be made to contact and notify the parents of other children in our care at that time. This should be done as soon as possible following notification of same.


Endorsed by Board of Governance on 17th April 2002

Last revised and amended July 2014