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Policy 10.3 – Playroom Use by Volunteers


POLICY TITLE:                 Volunteer Use of Playroom Facility



POLICY NUMBER:             10.3




“That Playroom services will be extended to support individuals to volunteer within Lyell McEwin Volunteer Association programs, but that this support be strictly limited to one volunteer per shift”



  • That the needs of volunteers with small children shall be met, and that they will have opportunities to undertake volunteer work as a result
  • Enabling of volunteerism
  • An equitable system is developed for the use of the Playroom for this purpose


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

  1. The Playroom Service will make available a position to support the children of one volunteer each morning and afternoon that it is open


  1. This support may be by way of a ‘one off’ request or ongoing in nature


  1. Volunteers wishing to take up this offer must have the arrangement pre-approved with the Director of Volunteers &/or the Executive Officer prior to care taking place


  1. Upon receipt of an application, the Director of Volunteers or Executive Officer will liaise with Playroom staff and the volunteer involved to assess what places may be available. Only if a suitable space can be found in the roster will an offer be made to the volunteer.


  1. The Director of Volunteers / EO shall negotiate the days and times that the new arrangement will take place.


  1. Care arrangements will not exceed 4 hours in duration and should not impose on the previous / following shift


  1. Upon approving a request, the Director of Volunteers or the Executive Officer will notify the Playroom team working on that day of the new arrangements and make a note in the communication book.


  1. Volunteers utilising the Playroom services will be required to meet all the normal requirements of the area (ie completing registration forms, providing food for child, ensuring child is not unwell etc)


  1. All ‘long term’ care arrangements (ie not one-off) will expire at the end of each calendar year and will need to be re-assessed before being re-confirmed


Last Update July 2014