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Policy 11.4 – Shuttle Service Limitations Policy





POLICY NUMBER:                                    11.4




All LMH regional transport volunteers have the right to refuse the transportation of any goods they deem to be unsafe



~ Avoidance of potential or real injury

~ That consideration shall be given to the type, size and packaging of items needing to be             transported

~ That alternate forms of transportation be identified & communicated to staff


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

  1. When requested to transport any item, the volunteer shall assess the suitability of transporting the requested item.

            Assessment shall include;

  • Visually scanning for appropriateness & likely weight
  • Preliminary testing of weight (eg. pushing box with foot)
  • Asking questions about the contents of any packages they are unsure about


  1. Volunteers shall have the right to refuse any item on the grounds that they consider the item to be;           ~ Too heavy to lift safely

                        ~ Too awkward to transport safely

                        ~ Too hazardous to transport


  1. Volunteers may ask the person requesting the delivery, to re-package any items they consider are unsafe. For example, they may ask that a large box of books be transferred to a number of smaller and more manageable boxes.


  1. Volunteers who for any reason refuse to transport any item, shall report the incident to the Transport Manager at the completion of that trip.




Passed by Board of Governance on  May 15th 2002

Last reviewed July 2010