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Policy 12.3 – NRC Hot Weather Policy




POLICY NUMBER:                       12.3



A hot weather policy shall be enforced for the health, safety and welfare of care recipients of the program and volunteers



4 A clear understanding about when activities shall and shall not take place will be established

4 Minimisation of risk association with heat stroke and distress


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

  1. It is intended that this policy shall cover all activities associated with the Wednesday Men’s

Outing and also any activities undertaken by volunteers where a client or care recipient is transported to an activity away from their home.


  1. Wednesday Men’s Outing – When the temperature on the 6.00pm evening news on a Tuesday evening predicts the ADELAIDE temperature the following day to be 35 degrees or more, the Wednesday Men’s group outing for the following day shall be automatically cancelled. It shall be the responsibility of the Manager of Northern Respite Care to cancel venues and vehicles associated with the outing.


  1. Home Visit Activities – Where a volunteer is scheduled to be taking a care recipient on an outing as a part of their regularly scheduled weekly visits, and where the Adelaide temperature is predicted to be 35 degrees or more on the day of the visit, the volunteer shall consult with the carer to seek their opinion about whether the temperature is too hot and the activity should be cancelled. This should be done as far in advance as possible prior to the activity.


  1. The Manager of Northern Respite Care should be consulted in situations where there is uncertainty around the hot weather policy.


  1. All clients of the program and volunteers shall be informed of this policy when they begin to receive services / join the program.



This policy shall be reviewed regularly as a part of the Volunteer Association’s policy review procedures.



  • Policy Sub-committee
  • Director of Volunteer Services
  • Manager Northern Respite Care


Approved by Board of Governance on 15.2.07

Last reviewed March 2012