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Policy 12.4 – NRC Client Banking Policy




POLICY NUMBER:                          12.4



The Board of the Volunteer Association are committed to developing clear and transparent financial transaction processes for the operation of its programs and to meet grant guidelines for the NRCS program



  • Clients will be safeguarded against unethical work practices
  • Volunteers will be safeguarded against false accusations and misunderstandings
  • Clear lines of accountability will exist to track down any questionable transactions


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

  1. Where possible, requests for client banking assistance or other financial transactions (eg payment of bills) shall be made prior to a scheduled outing or visit.


  1. Volunteers have the right to refuse to assist with transactions of this kind


  1. All transactions must be reported to the NRCS Manager prior to the transaction taking place. They must also be approved by / discussed with the carer by the Manager of NRCS who will clearly document the outcome of the discussion


  1. Volunteers who are willing to assist with these types of transactions shall always involve a third party where possible (eg a second volunteer, NRCS Manager, bank teller etc), who can verify the nature of the transaction that took place and sign a transaction form to confirm the transaction. Where possible, care recipients should also sign as a part of this process. Volunteers should check transaction and ensure correct change has been given


  1. Volunteers shall keep client monies separate from their own funds


  1. Volunteers shall keep clear receipts and records of all transactions conducted. At the end of each volunteer shift, volunteers and the care recipient should confirm the balance and both sign the transaction form to indicate that they agree that the remaining monies are correct. Receipts shall be given to the care recipient


  1. Original copies of this paperwork shall be given to the Program Manager


  1. Under no circumstances are volunteers to become a signatory to any account held by a client or have access to ATM personal PIN numbers


  1. Volunteers should, as a matter of course, report any financial dealings to the NRCS Manager


  1. All volunteers working as a part of the Northern Respite Care program shall undertake appropriate instruction and training in these matters


Approved by Board of Governance February 2010

Last Reviewed: March 2012