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Policy 2a – Policy Development & Maintenance





POLICY NUMBER:             2.1




The Board of Governance in conjunction with the Executive Officer are responsible for the development, maintenance and review of pro-active and clear policies to operate the Volunteer Association



  1. Clear guidelines be established outlining the responsibility for policy development
  2. Clear guidelines be available, outlining the process of developing and reviewing policies within the organisation
  3. Through the process of developing and periodically reviewing clear policy documents, the Volunteer Association will operate in a manner which allows for its smooth operation and the easy clarification of operational processes and procedures


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

1. The development of all policies for the Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association needs to be approved by the Policy sub-committee of the Board of Governance. Newly proposed policies are to be submitted to the sub-committee via the Executive Officer on the attached pro-forma document.


2. All policies will be clearly titled and are to be written in clear concise language, avoiding jargon and acronyms wherever possible.


3. Policies must comply with all relevant or applicable legislation and regulations, including the Social and Community Services Award and relevant LMH policy documents.


4. As a part of developing or renewing policies, consultation may take place with a wide range of stakeholders, including staff members, volunteers and experts in the field relevant to that policy.


5. All policies are to be reviewed at least once every two years as a part of the sub-committee’s monthly review process. Where no changes are required, the review date will be noted on the policy.


6. Recommendations about all new or changed policies will be tabled at the Board meeting by the Chair of the policy sub-committee for their discussion, amendment and approval.


7. Any forced changes required to policies between review periods will be tabled via the Executive Officer.


8. Two master copies of all updated policies will be kept. One on the Volunteer Association’s website (electronically) and one in the Volunteer Association lounge area (physically). It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Officer to keep these up to date.


9. It is the responsibility of the Executive Officer to notify all relevant staff of policy changes affecting their areas.


This Policy document endorsed by the Board of Governance on August 16th 2012