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Policy 4.1 – Best Practice


 POLICY TITLE:                              BEST PRACTICE

POLICY NUMBER:                                    4.1

POLICY STATEMENT:               

In line with its Mission and Goals, the Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association seeks to operate its services in a ‘best practice’ manner and environment.

Accordingly it upholds (but is not bound by) & actively works towards meeting the criteria established in the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement endorsed by ‘Volunteering Australia’


  1. The Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association will;

1.1  – Have clear and recognised competencies to use as a guide benchmark in the operation of its services (Volunteering Australia National Standards)

1.2  – Operate in a best practice manner

1.3  – Meet the requirements set out in its mission and goals

1.4  – Be able to act as a ‘best practice’ model for other organisations in the sector

1.5  – Be in a position to undergo any appropriate accreditation processes


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

1. A copy of the national standards will be available for perusal for all interested parties. A current copy of the standards shall be kept in the Volunteer Administration Office.


2. The standards will be updated as reviews are undertaken by Volunteering Australia


3. The standards will be referred to when establishing new policies and practices to ensure that the Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association are meeting relevant competencies to the activity being undertaken


4. The standards will be reviewed at the same time as the policy in accordance with LMH Volunteer Association Policy number 2.4

Policy last reviewed on: August 2012