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Policy 4.3 – Code of Conduct





POLICY NUMBER:                        4.3




The Volunteer Association in pursuit of operating in a ‘best practice’ environment endorse a range of conduct requirements for all its staff (both paid and unpaid). It is expected that all Association members will adhere to the requirements as set out in this ‘Code of Conduct’



  1. Clear guidelines determining the conduct of all Association members are readily available as a standard of operation


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

+ The public and other team members are to be treated with respect and courtesy

            By; · Acknowledging and accepting that people have different values and beliefs

                       · Being honest and open about any work or personal issues which may arise

                       · Seeking prompt advice about solutions to problems


+ Ensure issues that arise are promptly clarified

            By: · Approaching directly the person involved or named as part of the situation to ascertain the facts

                    · Not speaking to others about the situation until all of the facts are known

+ Direct problems through correct channels rather than engaging in gossip and rumour        mongering

            By; · Bringing matters promptly to the Area Manager, Executive Officer or President

                        · Being honest about situations which may arise

                        · Being prepared to be a part of the solution to the problem

                        · Not speaking inappropriately to others about issues until they are resolved


+ Association staff & volunteers are to appropriately deal with conflict 

            By; · Not making judgements about a situation until all parties have had a chance to voice their perspective                             of the situation

                       · Attempting to clarify the issue with those involved

                       · Focusing on the issue(s) and not personalities

                       · Acknowledging that conflict can be a valuable tool in problem solving

                       · Seeking help from staff to deal with issues which may arise


+ Association staff and volunteers will conduct themselves in a professional manner

By; · Not speaking in derogatory terms about the workplace or other team members

                       · Maintaining a professional attitude in all external dealings

                       · Not speaking to the media about Association or LMHS issues

                       · Actively & positively promoting the work of both the LMHS & the Volunteer Association


+ Members will be free from harassment and discrimination in the workplace

            By; ŸUnderstanding that they have the right not to be subjected to such behaviour

                  · Reporting any incidents promptly to their Area Manager or the EO

                        · Knowing that a complaint will be dealt with promptly, in a sensitive and appropriate manner


+ Provide efficient, prompt customer focused services in all dealings

            By; · Always seeing the customers / clients interests as being paramount

                       · Treating others as they would like to be treated

                       · Taking responsibility for seeking solutions to problems which may arise

+ Be conscientious in the performance of official duties and scrupulous

       in the use of official information, equipment and facilities

            By; · Maintaining confidentiality in all situations

                       · Being committed to theMissionand Goals of the Volunteer Association

                       · Using equipment and facilities in accordance with guidelines

                       · Being accountable at all times and in all situations


+ Give fair, consistent and impartial treatment in all dealings with other

    areas of the Association

            By; · Treating all other Association team members as being equal

                       · Actively promoting the work of all areas of the Volunteer Association

                       · Reporting any incident which does not promote harmony across areas


 + Work within the legal limitations constituted by such acts as Equal Opportunity and          Occupational Health & Safety

            By: · Adhering to Policies, procedures and advice outlining ways in which equipment and other workers                                     should be treated

                       · Attending any training which is identified and recommended for the area


+ Ensure reasonable care is taken to prevent injury to one’s self or other team members

By; · Taking responsibility for undertaking tasks in the safest possible manner

                       · Rectifying or reporting immediately any potential hazard which is identified

                       · Adhering to policies and procedures governing OH&S


+ Be accepting of the beliefs of other team members

            By; · Recognising that we all have the right to our own belief and value systems

                       · Being tolerant of others with differing views from our own

                       · Not promoting our own agendas to other team members or the public




This Policy endorsed by the Board of Governance on 16th August 2000

Last reviewed July 2012