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Policy 4.6 – Complaints Policy


POLICY TITLE:                  Complaints Procedure

POLICY NUMBER:                                    4.6


The Volunteer Association is committed to the creation of an environment where complaints are welcomed and used as a tool for continual improvement


A clear understanding will be developed and documented about the handling of complaints to do with the Association’s operations


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)


A formal complaint is defined as being a situation where a customer or service recipient wishes to formally ‘lodge’ a complaint about the service they have received.


1.1              In situations where a customer or service recipient wishes to lodge a formal complaint about the service they have received within the hospital (regardless of whether it has involved a volunteer or not), they should be directed to the hospital’s Consumer Advisor

 The Consumer Advisor’s details are as follows:

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm

Telephone: 8182 9000

Email: lmhca@nwahs.sa.gov.au

 The Consumer Advisor will investigate the complaint and respond to the complainant about any outcomes as a result of that investigation

 1.2     Information brochures about the Consumer Advisor are available in each area of the Association or from the Volunteer Administration area, and it is encouraged that the complainant be given a copy of this document

1.3    Where a complaint has been fielded and passed onto the Consumer Advisor, volunteers and staff are requested to also report the incident to either the Executive Officer, Director of Volunteers or their Area Manager



2.1       Volunteers wishing to make a formal complaint about any aspect of their volunteer involvement should lodge their complaint in writing directly with the Executive Officer or Director of Volunteers in the first instance who will investigate and report back on the complaint

 2.2 Where the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, they have the right to take their complaint directly (in writing) to the President of the Association, who shall launch their own investigation of the matter



An informal complaint is defined as being any situation where a customer voices their disapproval with the service they have received, but where they do not wish to lodge a formal written complaint (eg. Where a pie is cold or there is dissatisfaction with a volunteer’s performance)

3.1       All complaints or criticisms received by those dealing with Volunteer Association personnel shall be registered on a ‘Informal Complaints Form’ which is available from the Volunteer Administration Office

3.2       All complaints which are lodged shall be recorded in a register of complaints in order that the Association may track any trends and take appropriate corrective actions

3.3       Complaints will be dealt with by the Executive Officer and/or the Director of Volunteer Services within one week


Policy passed by Board on October 2007 

Last reviewed August 2012