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Policy 5.1 – Confidentiality & Privacy



POLICY NUMBER:                                    5.1


The Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association are committed to sound procedures involving the handling of personal & / or sensitive information.



1. Confidential information will be handled in accordance with overriding Government guidelines.

2. Clear guidelines will exist to direct Volunteer Association personnel in how to deal with confidential and private information

3. This Policy will enable the Volunteer Association to work in a best practice capacity in dealing with confidential information


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

1.          A list of current volunteers and their contact details will be available to the team leader of each area on the volunteer2 online database, as well as the Executive Officer, and may only be used for purposes of rostering and general Association management. This information is to be viewed as strictly confidential. Passwords shall not be given out to any unauthorised person and information about a volunteer will not be given out to any third party without the prior approval of the person involved.

2.          Should it be requested, volunteers will have total and immediate access to any records pertaining to themselves and their performance. Accordingly, any notes written about volunteer performance should be done so in a manner that does not lend itself to litigation.

3.           As part of the interview / application process, all volunteers will be asked if they approve of their name and other details (including their image) being reproduced in Association documents. At those times that the volunteer does not give their permission, a note shall be made on the Volunteer database to indicate same.

4.         Area specific information may also be kept by the team leader. This may include information pertaining to clients, the family members of clients, finances or vendors in business avenues. This information should also be treated as confidential and given out only by the team leader after appropriate consultation with the person(s) involved.

5.         Any person seeking to contact a volunteer, client or vendor should do so via the team leader in the first instance. Where the team leader is absent, another key team member of the area, or the Executive Officer may be approached who will, where it is appropriate, contact the person to determine whether they want their contact details to be given out. No volunteer or  paid staff member is to automatically assume that these details are public domain.

6.         The same criteria applies to all financial records held within each area.

 7.        Breaches of confidentiality shall be dealt with in accordance with Policy 6.2

8.         When dealing with personal information relating to patients of the Health Service, this will be done in accordance with the overriding policies in place under the requirements of the Code of Fair Information endorsed by the Department of Health

 9.        All confidential material will be disposed of using the ‘confidential waste’ bins provided in most areas, or shredded, using a shredding machine.

Policy passed by Board of Governance on 20th April 1999

Last Updated: August 2012