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Policy 5.10 – Accepting Gifts





POLICY NUMBER:                                    5.10




Volunteers shall not accept gifts or profit from their voluntary work through relationships they develop with clients of the service



~ Clients shall be protected from situations where they may be taken advantage of by unethical    practices

~ Volunteers shall be safeguarded against accusations of theft or misconduct

~ Clear guidelines shall exist about the acceptance of gifts


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

  1. From time to time clients of Lyell McEwin Volunteer Association, may want to express their thanks for the services they receive by giving a gift to the volunteer(s) who have provided the service.


  1. As a general rule, volunteers shall not accept gifts, explaining instead that they expect no payment as volunteers.


  1. For the purpose of this policy, gifts shall be defined as any item given to the volunteer by a client including giftware, cash, perishable goods or personal effects (such as jewellery & household goods)


  1. On special occasions it may be appropriate for volunteers to accept a small tokenistic gift. Acceptable circumstances that may dictate this course of action may include the celebration of a volunteer’s birthday by a client they visit regularly, or a Christmas gift under similar circumstances.


  1. In these cases it is recommended that volunteers do not accept any gift with a value of more than approximately AU$10.00. Where possible gifts such as home grown fruit or home made jams would be most appropriate.


  1. Volunteers who are offered items with a value greater than this shall politely refuse the item and report the offer immediately to their Area Manager. This is particularly important when dealing with the elderly to avoid potential problems due to memory loss and false claims.


  1. Where a client donates a gift to a ‘service’ rather than an ‘individual’, the gift shall be passed on to the Area Manager and distributed amongst the whole team (eg A box of chocolates to the transport team at Christmas time)


  1. Clients who would like to make substantial cash donations may donate to the Volunteer Association in accordance with LMRVA Policy # 8.5.


  1. Should a situation arise where a volunteer wants to make a purchase from a client (eg buying a wardrobe from a client they have been visiting), this should only ever be done in consultation with the Area Manager, who will act to ensure that the client is offered a fair price and ensure that the transaction is documented.


  1. Breaches of this policy shall be dealt with in accordance to LMHS Regional Volunteer Policy number 6.2 – ‘Dealing with unsatisfactory conduct’.



  • Policy Sub-Committee
  • Operations Team
  • Board of Governance
  • NRC Team members



Endorsed by Board of Governance on 17 July 2002



Last reviewed 19/5/2011