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Policy 5.12 – Ann Taylor Award



POLICY NUMBER:                        5.12


In line with its commitment to recognising ‘best practice’ in volunteering, and as an acknowledgment that much volunteering is ‘short term’, the LMRVA shall provide an annual award that recognises excellence in service over a period of 12 months or less.


– Short term volunteer effort by individuals or groups shall be recognised

– Contribution that makes a substantial change shall be rewarded

–  Clear guidelines about how awards are decided will be available


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

1. The official title of the award shall be ‘The Ann Taylor Award for Outstanding Contribution’

2.   The purpose of the award is to acknowledge outstanding achievement by individuals or groups associated with the Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association during the preceding 12 month period. While the definition of ‘preceding 12 months will deliberately be left loose, it is anticipated the time frame would generally be the previous calendar year.

3.   The award will be open for nominations for all members of the Association (both paid and unpaid) as well as other significant persons or bodies. Examples may include (but are not limited to) local sponsor organisations, corporate partners, hospital departments, hospital or external staff and school groups may be nominated for this award. Specific examples may include:

  • A volunteer who has contributed to a specific project of significance
  • A volunteer team member who has been a great source of inspiration and support to others
  • A volunteer who was deemed to have gone ‘over and beyond’ the call of duty in their voluntary role
  • Volunteer groups (eg Club 84, PSG) who had undertaken some significant new initiative(s)
  • Volunteer groups who had been acknowledged for outstanding effort in other ways (eg National Community Link Award recipients)
  • Staff members of LMRVA or LMH who had initiated new volunteer programs of excellence
  • LMH departments / campuses who had achieved significant outcomes in supporting volunteers in new, innovative and outstanding ways
  • External agencies whose support / partnerships with LMRVA had forged significant long term benefits for the Association (eg Hansen Yunken’s support of play area)

4.   Any member of the Association (paid or unpaid), with the exception of the person(s) / group being nominated, may complete an ‘Application for Nomination’ form in accordance with the nominee having met the award’s listed criteria. (Form attached)

5.   Only one award will be presented each year, however there will be scope for the judging panel to acknowledge other outstanding nominations that were not successful. In these cases, at the judge’s discretion, ‘Certificates of Merit’ will be awarded.

6.   Successful nominees would not be permitted to be renominated for the same role for which they had won the award. Certificate of Merit awardees may re-nominate for the same role in subsequent years providing that the role / work they were being nominated for was still current during the subsequent 12 month period.

7.   The award will be presented at the Annual General Meeting each year and may be awarded posthumously at the judging panel’s discretion

8.   Award recipients will be afforded the following conditions;

~ A framed certificate will be awarded to the recipient

~ The name of the recipient will be placed onto the Ann Taylor Award honour board

~ An appropriate recognition gift shall be chosen, presented and inscribed where appropriate (eg mantle clock)

~ Recipients will be automatically invited to attend formal Association functions, including annual recognition events.

9.   The nominations received will be judged by an independent panel (or sub-committee) designated by the Board of Governance. This panel will comprise of three persons and decisions reached by this panel would be final and kept confidential until the AGM. It is the responsibility of the panel to ascertain all relevant information in order to be able to make an informed decision. This may include speaking with nominating bodies, Team Leaders and Area Managers.

10. Nominations for each year’s award would open on January 1 and close on August 31.

11. Nominations would be judged using the following criteria;

~ Significance of achievement – how significant was the activity in changing the way the Association / area operated?

~ Longevity of achievement – what are the longer term impacts of the achievement?

~ How well did the nominee achieve the qualities displayed by Ann Taylor – namely leadership, vision, support, hard work, celebration and fun?



Policy Passed by Board of Governance on 21st December 2006

Last reviewed 20/12/2012





Name of person / group being nominated: _____________________________


Area(s) in which this person works:  ___________________________


Please answer the following questions (Please use additional sheets if required)


Please provide a description below about the reasons you believe that this person, group or project should receive the Ann Taylor Award for Outstanding Achievement?










How has this activity impacted positively on the Volunteer Association both short term and longer term?










Describe something of the nominee in relation to how they have met some of the following criteria – leadership, vision, support, hard work, celebration and fun?








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