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Policy 5.13 – Uniforms


POLICY TITLE:                  Uniform Policy

POLICY NUMBER:                        5.13    

POLICY STATEMENT:    All volunteers are required to wear a uniform, and as a part of this commitment, the Volunteer Association will ensure that all members of the team are recognised easily – by way of affordable and easily visible uniforms


  1. All Volunteer Association personnel will be identified by a standard item of uniform
  2. The general public and hospital staff will come to know that staff wearing this uniform are from the Volunteer Association
  3. Volunteers and staff will feel a part of a team
  4. Guidelines will exist to determine how uniforms are distributed


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

1.         All volunteers and paid staff are required to wear a uniform

2.         The Volunteer Association’s key uniform colour will be a ‘burnt’ orange or ‘rust’ colour. The secondary colour of the Association shall be royal blue

3.         For the purpose of this policy, a uniform will be deemed to include any one or more of the following items.

  • Orange coloured lanyards supplied by the Volunteer Association
  • Any prescribed article of clothing approved by the Volunteer Association Board and bearing the Volunteer Association logo
  • Privately purchased ‘rust’ coloured clothing which has been approved by senior staff members of the Volunteer Association. In these cases, the Association will bear the cost of having the logo of the agency embroidered onto the clothing

4.         All new volunteers and paid staff will be issued with an Association lanyard upon starting their volunteer work with the Association.

5.         Volunteers will be issued with a ‘permanent’ piece of uniform clothing upon successfully completing 3 months of service with the Association. Volunteers will have the choice of a free t-shirt, polo shirt or waistcoat. They will also have the option of purchasing ‘corporate’ clothing at a subsidised rate.

6.         Paid staff will be issued with corporate style uniforms upon starting with the Volunteer Association

7.         All waistcoats will remain the property of the Volunteer Association and will need to be returned upon a volunteer retiring. Volunteers not returning waistcoats will be invoiced a fee of $50 to replace the item

8.         Each volunteer will be issued with one free piece of uniform only; unless they work multiple days or in multiple areas. The additional needs of these individuals will be assessed on an individual basis by the senior staff team

9.         New volunteers, during the first three months of service, will have access to a waistcoat only, which can be worn at those times they are on duty only

10.       Volunteers who have been issued with their own uniform are expected to bear the cost oflaundering the item, keeping it in good repair a nd for bring it with them when they arrive for their shift

11.       Laundry provisions will also be available for those volunteers accessing waistcoats onsite

12.       Worn or damaged uniforms will be replaced upon inspection and approval by a member of the senior staff team

13.       Lost uniforms will not be replaced for free. It will be the responsibility of the volunteer losing the item to pay for a replacement article

14.       It will be the responsibility of the Board to ensure a budget for uniform replacement is developed annually

Policy developed April 2010

Last Updated 20/12/2012