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Policy 5.2 – Identification Badges


POLICY TITLE:                              IDENTIFICATION BADGES

POLICY NUMBER:                                    5.2


To ensure the safety of patients and to assist in identifying LMH personnel, all Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association staff (both paid and unpaid) will be issued with an official site appropriate identification badge which must be worn at all times while on duty



  1. Volunteer Association personnel will be clearly identifiable and accountable


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

1. Once accepted as a volunteer, or employed as a paid staff member, all Volunteer Association personnel will be issued with a LMH identification badge. Onsite, IDBadges can only be authorised by the EO, the Director of Volunteer Services, the Cafe Manager, the Manager of Respite Care or the volunteer recruitment team. Offsite, badges must be approved by a senior member of the Operations team working at those sites

2. All staff and volunteers must  have their Identification Badges on and clearly visible whilst on duty within the Health Service and while undertaking all Volunteer Association activities. In situations where a probationary period is required to be served before a badge is issued, volunteers will be issued with a temporary or interim badge by the team leader. Volunteers are not permitted to wear their ID badges outside of their regularly rostered shift(s) unless attending an official Association function.

3. For security reasons surnames will not be printed on Identification badges

4. Students wishing to undertake a placement within the Volunteer Association should ideally have an Identification Badge from their school or college. Where this is not possible a temporary badge will be provided for them by the Volunteer Association.

 5. Identification badges which are lost should be reported to the Volunteer Administration Office as soon as practicable so that a replacement badge can be arranged. Replacement badges may incur a cost to the volunteer or paid staff member who has lost it 

6. ID Badges are not to be tampered with or defaced in any way as this can render the cards access capabilities as obsolete.

 7. Identification badges shall be surrendered when terminating involvement with the Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association

 Dated: June 6th 1997

Last Updated: August 2012