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Policy 5.4 – Media Contact



POLICY NUMBER:                                    5.4


The dissemination of all official communications on behalf of the Volunteer Association, with significant external agencies including the media, will only be conducted by persons authorised to do so.



  1. That there shall be clear points of contact for official communications with external agencies
  2. That members of the Volunteer Association will not be put into difficult situations in needing to deal with the media or external agencies


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

In matters pertaining to the LMH

The General manager of the LMH and his / her delegated appointees are the official spokes people for the hospital. All official communication with the media, politicians and outside organisations pertaining to the hospital must be undertaken only by these officers.

Matters pertaining to Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association

All matters pertaining to the Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteers Inc should be directed to the Association’s Executive Officer, who is the official spokesperson for the Association.

The Executive Officer will determine whether the issue requires sanctioned comments from other senior hospital staff, or will take other alternate action as is appropriate.

In times of the EO’s absence, matters of this kind shall be directed to the President or the person acting in the EO’s role.


Policy passed by Board of Governance on: June 6th 1997

Last updated September 2012