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Policy 5.5 – Cabcharge Usage



POLICY NUMBER:                        5.5


The Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association’s Board of Governance recognise that paid and unpaid staff at times need to be provided with transportation assistance in order to undertake their voluntary work obligations.



  • That clear guidelines are developed for all staff distributing Cabcharge vouchers
  • That clear guidelines be established for all staff using Cabcharge vouchers


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

1.         Approval for the use of Cabcharge Vouchers is made at the discretion of the designated Area Manager or other key persons responsible for an area in their absence. These people must be satisfied that all other possible avenues of transport have been explored.

2.         All requests for use of Cabcharge vouchers are to be made to the designated Area Manager or other key persons responsible for an area in their absence, prior to taxi bookings being made.

3.         When assessing requests and needs for the use of Cabcharge vouchers, the Area Manager, EO and other key persons will use the following guidelines to assess and prioritise requests.

3.1       In situations where health and safety  is an issue.

3.2       Situations where staff are unable to use their own transport at short notice to undertake a task with a client which cannot be changed. (Eg Due to breakdown etc)

3.3       Situations where a volunteer is called in at short notice and has no other means of transport.

3.4       Situations where public transport is unavailable.

3.5       Occasions where a volunteer finishes after 6pm and has no other means of transport.

3.6       In other circumstances where the EO and or Area Manager deem that other avenues of transport are either not available or inappropriate

4.         Area Managers & / or the EO are to be aware of issues relating to the use & cost of   Cabcharge vouchers when rostering / matching volunteers to tasks so as to minimise the use of these services. Issues to be considered may include the distance of the volunteer’s home to the primary worksite.

5. In situations where a Cabcharge Voucher is approved, passengers should share taxis where this is likely to be a cost saving strategy.

6. A customer receipt must be obtained by the passenger and presented to the Volunteer Administration office for record keeping purposes



Approved by Board of Governance on 16th August 2000

Last reviewed September 2012