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Policy 6.1 – Paid Staff Performance Appraisals




POLICY NUMBER:                   6.1



It is the policy of the Volunteer Association that paid staff of the Association will have a formal performance appraisal at least annually.



~ To provide feedback to staff on how they are performing in their job in a formal setting at least annually

~ To identify, investigate & resolve obstacles preventing agreed performance

~ To identify areas of deficiency and to address these in a formal setting

~ To provide the opportunity to discuss and plan individual staff development

~ To develop appropriate performance based objectives for the next 12 month period


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

  1. Formal appraisals will be conducted, at least annually, with all employees of the LM Regional Volunteers Inc.
  2. Appraisals will be conducted during January and February of each year
  3. All appraisals of Association staff will be undertaken by the Executive Officer, or in his / her absence the President of the Association. The Executive Officer’s Performance Appraisal will be conducted annually by the President of the Association and one other nominated Board member.
  4. Appraisals will be based on the employee’s job description and any agreed work related objectives written into the employee’s contract or previous performance review. Employees will be asked to complete a Performance Appraisal form available from the EO. Alternately the employee may choose to provide an evidence folder / document highlighting their achievements over the previous 12 months.
  5. The original record of the appraisal will be kept by the Executive Officer in the employee’s personnel file and a copy will also be given to the employee.
  6. The contents of the appraisal will only be available to the EO and the employee, although the EO or employee may refer to its content in discussions with the Board if such information is warranted (ie. In cases where the Board may be considering a major training request or where disciplinary action may be required)
  7. The performance appraisal will consist of corresponding documents completed by the employee, the Manager and three peers. This information will be collated and compared and used as a discussion point throughout the appraisal.


Dated: 28th April 1998

Last reviewed: February 2013