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Policy 6.3 – Hours of Duty


POLICY TITLE:                           HOURS OF DUTY POLICY

POLICY NUMBER:                       6.3


The Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association is committed to ensuring the safety of its workforce through the development of clear guidelines surrounding working hours and conditions.



  1. All volunteers are clear about the number of hours and shifts they are safely able to work
  2. Minimisation of the risk of exploitation of volunteer workers
  3. Clearly documented protocols for completing additional shifts
  4. Minimisation of Risk Management issues

PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

  1. The maximum number of hours which can be worked by any volunteer on any one shift will be nine (9) hours
  2. The maximum number of days (or part days) that volunteers will be on site each week will be three (3), unless specific arrangements have been made with the Area Manager or Executive Officer
  3. No volunteer will work a period greater than 5 hours before being required to take at least a half an hour meal break
  4. Volunteers will only complete shifts which have been approved and rostered / requested by the Area Manager. Volunteers wishing to work additional shifts will gain permission from the Area Manager prior to arriving for the shift
  5. Where volunteers have been approved to work longer hours than those stipulated above, a note will be made in their personnel file in the database

Policy adopted by Board of Governance: 18th April 2001

Last reviewed February 2013