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Policy 6.4 – Changes to Working Conditions



POLICY NUMBER:                        6.4

POLICY STATEMENT:                  

The Lyell McEwin Volunteer Association are committed to upholding both the integrity and safety of its workforce by actively monitoring, assessing and approving changes to working conditions by its members



~A clear understanding will exist that all changed conditions of voluntary employment must be reported.

~ Occupational health and safety requirements will be met

~ Accurate rostering will be maintained


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

  1. When a volunteer commences work within any area of the Volunteer Association they will be allocated a rostered day or days – at the discretion of the Manager responsible for that area.
  2. Volunteers will not work any additional shifts or on additional days unless pre-approved by the Area Manager
  3. All hours are to be rostered according to the limitations established in Volunteer Association Policy # 6.3
  4. When a volunteer commences work within any area of the Volunteer Association they will be given a copy of a volunteer Job Description, and can expect that the role will be explained clearly and carefully to them by the Area Manager. They will also be allocated specific days and times in which to undertake their volunteer work.
  5. Where circumstance exists for a new or expanded volunteer role to be developed in any area, the volunteer should firstly speak to the Area Manager, who will assess the proposed new role for suitability (particularly taking into account any relevant industrial or OH&S ramifications).
  6. Following assessment, the Area Manager will seek the approval of the Executive Officer for any major new role or significant change  prior to a volunteer commencing work in the new role / task


Approved:  ……………………………

Dated:       19th September 2001

Last reviewed February 2013