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Policy 6.6 – Paid Staff Leave Policy


POLICY TITLE:                 Paid Staff Leave Policy


POLICY NUMBER:             6.6    



The Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association are committed to the development of clear and transparent guidelines in regards to staff leave entitlements for its paid staffing team.

Paid staff are entitled to take leave that is owing to them.



  1. Leave will be granted in accordance with the SACS NAPSA Award
  2. Staff and Board members will have a clear point of reference for matters relating to leave


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

The amount and conditions for all leave that is due to staff members will be granted in accordance with individual contracts signed by staff members, which have been developed based on the rates determined by the Social and Community Services NAPSA (SACS NAPSA) Award. SACS guidelines should be referred to in the case of any dispute.



  1. Unless otherwise agreed to and noted in an employee’s contract, all paid staff will be eligible for four weeks of annual leave each year. Rates of pay for leave taken by part time employees will be calculated on their average weekly hours / income over the previous 12 month period.
  2. Leave will fall due on the anniversary of an employees start date each year, providing they have given continuous service for the duration of that year
  3. Public holidays falling due within a period of annual leave will not be counted as an AL day
  4. Annual leave that is owed will be taken prior to the next anniversary date where possible. Requests to carry over annual leave will be directed to the Executive Officer (or to the President in the case of the EO)
  5. Requests to take annual leave will be forwarded in writing to the Executive Officer and will be subject to approval from the EO (or to the President in the case of the EO) Approval shall be based on the availability of other staff members to cover for the duration of the leave.
  6. Staff may request thatALowing leave be ‘paid out’ instead of taken. This arrangement would be at the discretion of the EO and Executive Committee
  7. Employees may request that annual leave pay be paid in advance at the commencement of their leave period
  8. Annual leave attracts a loading payment for the period of leave, as stipulated in the Act
  9. Annual leave will be exclusive of any public holidays that fall within the AL period
  10. Employees who fall ill for more than 3 days while on leave can take these as sick leave and not Annual Leave but would be required to produce a doctor’s certificate to verify their illness
  11. Accrued annual leave (including leave loading) is payable to an employee at the time they leave the LMRVA
  12. Annual leave may be taken in advance of it being accrued with the permission of the EO (or President in the case of the EO). Should an employee leave before accruing the owed amount, this will be deducted from final remuneration payable


  1. Long Service Leave will be accrued at a rate of 3/10th of a month per year. This equates to approximately 3 months of long service leave owing after 10 years of service and approximately 9 additional days for each year served thereafter
  2. As a general rule, employees will need to have served a total of ten years of service to be eligible to take long service leave that is owing to them, however should employees need to access their LSL entitlements after seven years, they may apply to the Executive Committee who shall have the right to approve or decline such a request
  3. Outstanding long service leave (or pro rata leave) owing to employees who have been with the Association for a period greater than seven (7) years will have these amounts added to their separation package when they leave
  4. As with annual leave, there will be no minimum amount of long service leave that needs to taken at any one time
  5. Long Service Leave is taken by calendar days and not as working days (ie. It includes weekends and public holidays) and these are not excluded from the leave arrangements as is the case with annual leave
  6. Long service leave will be granted at the discretion of the EO (or the President in the case of the EO)
  7. Staff may apply to have one month of their long service leave entitlements ‘cashed out’. This would however be at the discretion of the Executive Committee in consultation with the EO.
  8. Staff may apply to have leave issued at ‘half pay’ but approval for this would be at the discretion of the Board
  9. Staff will have the choice of being paid for the LSL at the commencement of their leave or through their regular fortnightly pay allocations



  1. Where staff work more than their regular hours each fortnight, these can be accrued as taken as Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)
  2. No more than ten (10) hours of TOIL should be accrued.
  3. Once 10 hours of TOIL has been accrued it must be taken within one month of accrual
  4. In situations where TOIL is going to exceed 10 hours, this should be firstly cleared with the EO



  1. Sick leave WIll be accrued in accordance with the calculations outlined in the SACS NAPSA Award and is accrued from one year to the next.
  2. Outstanding sick leave which is owing is not payable at the time an employee leaves the LMRVA
  3. Employees are entitled to take up to three (3) days without producing a sick certificate. Beyond this, the Association has a right to request a doctor’s certificate be produced.
  4. Employees who become ill while on annual leave for periods of greater than three days are entitled to take sick leave on those days in lieu of annual leave. In such cases a medical certificate should be produced as evidence
  5. Employees who have used all sick leave entitlements may be offered additional days under mitigating circumstances – at the discretion of the Board


  1. Staff WIll be entitled to 2 days of bereavement leading up to and including the day of  the funeral for any of the following family members; spouse, parent, parent-in-law, brother or sister, child or step child, step-parent, guardian, foster parent, step brother or sister, half brother or sister, member of an employee’s household.
  2. This leave WIll be awarded without deduction from any other leave entitlement
  3. Leave to attend the funeral for persons other than those listed above WIll be at the discretion of the EO (or President in the case of the EO)
  4. Bereavement leave is not accrued annually but 2 days are available for this purpose in all such cases as they arise


  1. Parental leave is available to staff for the purposes of
  • adoption leave
  • maternity leave
  • paternity leave
  1. The conditions for all such leave are available as per specifications established within the SACS NAPSA Award


  1. Staff WIll be afforded time away from the LMRVA to undertake jury duty should they be required to undertake this.
  2. Conditions for jury duty WIll be in accordance with government guidelines available for this purpose


  1. Staff that have used all other avenues of owed leave, and who need to take time away from the work place may apply to have a leave of absence without pay.
  2. Leave without pay WIll be awarded at the discretion of the EO or the President in the case of the EO
  3. Annual and long service leave entitlements WIll not be accrued during the time the employee is away on leave without pay (for periods exceeding 14 days)


Approved by Board of Governance 13th December 2007


Last reviewed April 2013