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Policy 7.1 – Van & Truck Hire Policy



POLICY NUMBER:                        7.1


The Volunteer Association will make available vehicles for hire with clear terms and conditions being clearly understood



  • Clear guidelines for the use and operation of the Association’s vehicles will be documented and understood
  • Sound documentation will be in place when the vehicles are hired to external groups
  • Hirers will be aware of and adhere to the procedures for the use of the vehicles

PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

1.         All hirers wishing to lease vehicles must agree to and complete the terms and conditions as described in the following documents:

            a) A Booking Confirmation and Conditions of Hire Form

            b) A Hire Agreement / Contract

            c) A Driver Orientation

These forms are attached to and make up a part of this policy. These documents outline the specific details involved in hiring the Association’s vehicles


2.        All hirers must agree to pay a prescribed fee for the hire of the vehicles 

3.         All persons driving the vehicles must be at least 21 years of age and have a current driver’s licence, which must be sighted by an authorised member of the Volunteer Association team.

4.         The Volunteer Association will have the right to refuse hire to anyone it does not deem fit to drive the vehicles


Created October 2009

Reviewed April 2013