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Policy 8.10 – External Groups – Membership Costs


POLICY TITLE:                  Costing Volunteers

POLICY NUMBER:                        8.10   


The Volunteer Association is committed to maintaining a transparent process to re-coup the cost of supporting volunteers at external sites.


  1. Affiliated agencies external to LMH will be charged for volunteer management support on a fee-for-service basis.
  2. The Volunteer Association will have a clear and transparent system for invoicing affiliated external groups.
  3. New groups will have a recognised system under which they enter into agreements for being affiliated with Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association.


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

  1. A fee of $20 per volunteer per year will be charged for each volunteer registered by external agencies that are affiliated with Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteers. This fee will reflect the cost associated with supporting volunteers centrally through the Association.


  1. This fee will be reviewed annually and may be increased in line with recognised CPI rises. Any rises will be reported to external agencies.


  1. 50% of this fee will be invoiced twice a year during September / October and March / April (initially in two x $10 instalments), following a bi-annual review of volunteer numbers


  1. In return for the annual fee, external affiliated agencies will receive access to a variety of administrative functions and services which include (but are not limited to):
  • Volunteer newsletter
  • Insurance cover
  • Recruitment services for new volunteers
  • Screening services for new volunteers
  • Completion of police checks
  • Volunteer corporate induction
  • Membership costs for regional and state volunteer centres
  • Provision of LMRVA handbooks and corporate induction material
  • Development of role descriptions
  • Database costs and annual fees
  • Annual whole of Association annual recognition events and celebration gifts (such as National Volunteer Week)
  • Inclusion of program highlights into annual report
  • Best practice advice and trouble-shooting (max. of 8 hours per year)
  • Benchmarking against national volunteering standards
  • Access for volunteers and staff to attend specialist training sessions when made available
  • Provision of service badges and certificates
  • Consideration of volunteers for Association awards such as life membership, STAR awards and Ann Taylor award


         5.     This policy and annual fees charged to external groups will be revised and evaluated in line with the ongoing       review of all policies associated with Lyell McEwin Volunteers.

Policy approved: August 2012

Last reviewed: January 2014