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Policy 8.2 – Reimbursement to and from principal worksite




POLICY NUMBER:           8.2


The Board of Governance of the Volunteer Association acknowledge that all reasonable costs involved with a volunteer participating in voluntary activity should be reimbursed. 


  • That clear guidelines will exist for those volunteers who contribute significantly to the life of the Association to claim some expenses
  • That volunteers will be recompensed some costs incurred as part of their voluntary effort
  • That volunteers will be made aware of this policy as a part of the orientation


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy):

1.         No remuneration will be available for a volunteer’s first weekly return journey    to the principle work site (Sunday – Saturday) unless;

a)      The volunteer has specifically been requested by the Volunteer Manager to bring their vehicle for use within the volunteer program.

b)  The volunteer has been ‘called in’ at short notice by the Volunteer  Manager at a time outside of their regularly rostered shifts.

 2. A volunteer may apply to the Area Manager or the Executive Officer for the cost of reimbursement for any subsequent return journeys in any one week (Sunday – Saturday)  Where approved, the applicant will be reimbursed at the rate of a single return journey bus ticket per day (based on the cost of a single journey at adult full fare multi-trip rates), regardless of whether a volunteer uses public transport or their own vehicle. A travel reimbursement form, available from the Executive Officer must be completed and signed by the Area Manager and the EO in order to claim this reimbursement.

3. To be eligible for the above mentioned reimbursement, volunteers must be the user of public transport or user of a private motor vehicle. Volunteers who are eligible for free public transport services may not claim against this policy

4.         For volunteers working across principle work sites, application for reimbursement may be made after the first journey to any of the worksites.

 5.         Volunteers working more than one day per week who choose to claim this reimbursement, do so in lieu of receiving a meal voucher on the day of the subsequent visit(s). 

6.         For volunteers working out-of-hours or on weekends, who have no other means of transport, the use of taxi vouchers may be approved. Such approval is at the discretion of the Manager of the area or the EO. This approval will be given in accordance with Volunteer Association Policy # 5.5 on the use of Cabcharge vouchers.

7.         All new volunteers will be made aware of this policy as part of their orientation .

8.         This policy will only apply to those areas of the Volunteer Association’s operations that do not have their own separate funding to cover volunteer expenses


Dated :                        23rd June 1997

Last Reviewed:          May 2013