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Policy 8.3 – Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses


POLICY TITLE:                 



POLICY NUMBER:                   8.3



The Board of Governance of the Volunteer Association acknowledge that all reasonable costs involved with a volunteer participating in voluntary activity should be reimbursed. Out Of Pocket expenses are defined as any reasonable costs incurred by the volunteer in the course of approved voluntary activity, excluding mileage / travel costs (see separate policies)



  • That clear guidelines shall exist for those volunteers incurring significant costs in the course of their voluntary involvement
  • That volunteers shall be recompensed unexpected and unreasonable costs incurred as part of their voluntary effort


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy):

  1. It is the choice of the volunteer as to whether they wish to claim for the reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses. 

2.         Where possible, anticipated out-of -pocket claims should be discussed with the Area Manager or Executive Officer prior to such costs being incurred.

3.         All claims for the reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses should be accompanied with an authorised receipt from the dealer to whom the out-of    pocket expenses were paid. Receipts should clearly state the provider of the   service, the date(s) on which the service was provided and the total cost.

4.         Should a volunteer choose to purchase clients, their families or other volunteers gifts, the cost of this action will be incurred wholly by the volunteer.

5.         If required to arrange services for a client, their family or friends, (eg taxi   rides, shopping etc) volunteers are to make it clear to the person requiring the service that they are responsible for the cost of this service. Volunteers will not be reimbursed for these services.

6.         Volunteers will not be paid reimbursement for any external costs associated  with their voluntary work, including the cost of clothing, child care and             medication.

7.         Out-of-pocket expenses will only be paid to volunteers while undertaking approved  voluntary work at pre-determined/ rostered times.



8.         Volunteers who work an unbroken shift of at least five (5) hours will be     provided with a meal voucher / meal at the work site (with the exception of those choosing to claim principal work site reimbursement – see Policy 8.2)

9.         Where tea and coffee making facilities are available, this service will be made available free of charge to volunteers.

10.       If a volunteer is expected to undertake their voluntary work offsite across the time of a meal break, the cost of the meal can be claimed if;

            a)  It is unreasonable to expect the volunteer to arrange another alternate meal time (either before or after the activity)

            b) The volunteer is not located at a principal work site location

            c) The sharing of a meal is an integral part of the volunteers activity / task.

11.       Limits apply to the amount that can be claimed for meal breaks – these are;

            Lunch – $ 10.00        Dinner – $15.00

Any likely variations to these amounts must be discussed with the Area Manager or Executive Officer  prior  to the outing.

 12.       Unless prior approval has been granted, any additional costs above these limits must be borne by the volunteer.

13.       This policy shall only apply to those areas of the Volunteer Association’s operations that do not have their own separate funding to cover volunteer expenses


Dated :            23rd June 1997

Last Revised:  May 2013