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Policy 8.4 – Reimbursement for Mileage



POLICY NUMBER:           8.4


The Board of Governance of the Volunteer Association acknowledge that all reasonable costs involved with a volunteer participating in voluntary activity should be reimbursed. For volunteers who are expected to use their vehicles as a part of their voluntary work, provisions are available for volunteers to claim mileage reimbursement.



  • That clear guidelines will exist for those volunteers incurring significant motor vehicle fuel costs in the course of their voluntary involvement
  • That volunteers will be recompensed for mileage in those programs where a budgetary provision for such reimbursement exists
  • This policy applies any other area of voluntary service where a volunteer is asked to use their vehicle in order to undertake their duty.

PROCEDURES (To implement Policy):

  1. Where a volunteer is expected to use their vehicle to undertake voluntary work it is their choice as to whether they wish to claim for reimbursement.
  2. Reimbursement is payable for all authorised voluntary activity.Authorisation is at the discretion of the Volunteer Manager responsible for the area and must be sought and agreed to prior to mileage being undertaken. Volunteers choosing to visit a client at unauthorised times (eg. more than what has been agreed to) will not be eligible for reimbursement for these additional visits. 
  3. Visitation arrangements will be discussed with the volunteer at the time a    match is created with a client, and the Volunteer Manager will endeavour to      match volunteers with clients who live no more than 10 kilometres away.
  4. Reimbursement will be paid at the current approved government rate of the day as recognised by the RAA, regardless of the engine size of the vehicle. This rate should be reviewed at least annually.
  5. Reimbursement may only be paid by completing the appropriate form available from Area Managers as well as providing any other documentation required by the Area Manager.  Forms should clearly state;

                   – The date on which the mileage was incurred

                   – The name of the client being visited & the destination

                   – The purpose of the visit (Eg home visit, respite, shopping etc)

6.       Reimbursement forms are to be verified and signed by the Area Manager and should be submitted at least every second month.

7.       Reimbursement will only be paid for travel which is made via the shortest    practicable route.

8.       Volunteers required to attend training or meetings as part of their voluntary work in these areas are able to claim reimbursement for this travel.

9.       Those volunteers who undertake who use public transport are able to claim for the cost of bus tickets, at the rate which it cost the volunteer.

10. Reimbursement will only be available in those programs who have set aside a budget or are funded for this type of expense. Community based programs shall be responsible for paying this cost for their own teams. Where provision has not been made the Volunteer Association shall not bear this cost.


Dated :         23rd June 1997

Last Revised: May 2013