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Policy 8.7 – Costing Volunteer Services


POLICY TITLE:                 


POLICY NUMBER:                                    8.7


All areas of the Volunteer Association and Health Service utilising volunteers under the “Volunteer Association” umbrella, shall be responsible for the provision of a person to act in a coordination / management role to oversee the volunteers associated with that program.


 The area shall also develop and have available an appropriate budget to reimburse volunteers for any appropriate out of pocket expenses incurred in undertaking their volunteer role.


As a commitment to it’s volunteers and the Health Service, the Volunteer Association shall provide, free of charge, all other ancillary infrastructure costs associated with the running its affiliated volunteer programs.



1. A clear costing procedure shall be shown in the Annual Report showing volunteer labour as a tangible donation made to the Health Service.

2. Expenditure responsibilities for all groups will be clearly defined


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

1. All areas of the Volunteer Association shall have one clearly delegated person who shall act in the role of Volunteer Manager / Coordinator. The costs of funding this person shall be borne by the area utilising the volunteer services

 2. All areas utilising volunteers need to have a budgetary provision for reimbursing out of pocket and mileage reimbursement claims for volunteers associated with that area.

 3. The Volunteer Association shall be responsible for providing the following & similar services, free of charge to all of its volunteer groups.

  • Printing & distribution of newsletters, annual reports and general promotional material
  • Basic recruitment entry to the organisation through information sessions, brochures and membership to Northern Volunteering and VSA                                                
  • Insurance coverage
  • Free generic training sessions (see point 4)
  • Induction of volunteers to to Volunteer Association, including handbook and basic training
  • Costs of recognition events and services (eg certificates, badges etc)
  • Access to professional staff for advice on best practice in the management of volunteers

 4. While a generic training calendar will be available, specialist training shall need to be budgeted through individual areas.

 5. The contribution made by the Volunteer Association to these costs shall be clearly highlighted as a donation in the Annual Report

6. Current groups being charged at August 2013 are:

  • Primary Health care (for foodie services)
  • Mental Health Services (for Club 84 and the Gully)



Policy Passed by Board:         24th January 2001

Policy last updated by policy Sub-Committee – August 2013