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Policy 8.9 – Clothing Vouchers




POLICY NUMBER:                       8.9


POLICY STATEMENT:        As a service to our community, the Volunteer Association will make available free clothing to those in need in emergency situations



  1. A clear process will exist for the distribution of clothing throughout the health service which is equitable and well understood



PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

1.  Clothing vouchers will be printed in colour and distributed only by the Volunteer Association. Photocopied versions of the vouchers will not be accepted. Vouchers will be distributed to senior staff members of hospital departments who have a client based likely to need to use clothing vouchers from time to time


  1. Departments allocated vouchers must agree to the guidelines set out in this policy


  1. The allocation of clothing vouchers will be determined by staff appointed within hospital departments who have a need to support clients. It is anticipated that clothing vouchers will only be distributed to clients when no other avenues are deemed to be available.


  1. The value of each voucher will be $10. A maximum of three (3) $10 vouchers can be distributed to each client based on their individual needs and the assessment made of those needs by hospital staff.


  1. When giving a clothing voucher, staff are required to complete the voucher in its entirety. This includes noting the date, the name of their department, their own name and signature.


  1. Clients can redeem the voucher for clothing from any of the Volunteer Association’s ‘Thrifty V’ stores.


  1. Vouchers can be used to redeem any items including books and other bric-a-brac
  2. Where the value of clothing taken does not equal the value of the voucher, the balance cannot be redeemed for cash.


  1. Thrifty V volunteers shall initial the voucher to confirm that clothing has been distributed to the client


  1. Thrifty V store volunteers shall place any redeemed vouchers in with the end-of-day banking, and the value of vouchers shall be recorded as a part of the Association’s financial processes.


  1. At the end of each year, the total value of clothing that has been distributed shall be reported in the Association’s annual report



Endorsed by Board of Governance

Last reviewed January 2014