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Policy 9.2 – Food Preparation – Use of Gloves


POLICY TITLE:                 


POLICY NUMBER:                   9.2


High standards of hygiene will be maintained in relation to food handling throughout all program and services of the Volunteer Association, in accordance with all relevant regulations, acts and standards. 

The use of gloves in food handling will be a standard practice to be used in all food handling areas.



~That all volunteers working in areas where food is prepared or served will  recognise & understand the important role of maintaining good hygiene practices through wearing gloves.

~ That by adhering to these practices, the Volunteer Association will avoid  spreading disease through its food services.

~ That by adhering to these practices, the Volunteer Association will meet all  relevant Government standards which apply to food handling.

~ That clear training and orientation processes will be in place to ensure that  the relevant practice is passed on to all volunteers and staff of the  Association

~ That all volunteers will understand their responsibility to undertake food  handling training according to legislation


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy):

1.         Hands should be washed prior to placing gloves on hands.

2.         Once gloves are on hands, the person is to consider their hands a ‘sterile area’, and should accordingly be handling only those items relevant to the preparation of the food item(s)

3.         Once an item / object outside of the immediate food preparation area has been touched, the gloves must be discarded and replaced by a fresh pair.

Items and objects to be considered not to be sterile would include;                                                 

~ Handling money

~ Answering phones / writing messages

~ Touching one’s own hair, face or clothing.

~ Opening fridges, freezers, drawers etc.

 ~ Touching garbage bins or cleaning other surfaces


4.         Gloves must also be changed;

~ After handling raw food and before handling cooked food      


5.         Any breaches of these guidelines should be reported immediately to the Café Manager, a Team Leader or Executive Officer

6.         While it is the responsibility of the Executive Officer and Café Manager to ensure that all volunteers are aware of the correct use of gloves and other hygiene factors, it is expected that volunteers will avail themselves of any training required & requested by the Café Manager. 

7.         In addition to this Policy all Association personnel will be required to follow those guidelines described in the volunteer handbook and distributed to all volunteers by the Volunteer Association.


Approved by resolution of the Board on 21st April 1999

Last Revised January 2014