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Policy 9.3 – Business Service Purchase Protocols


POLICY TITLE:                 



POLICY NUMBER:                   9.3



The Board of the Volunteer Association is committed to ensuring that the integrity of its volunteers and paid staff is maintained during all financial dealings with its members.



~That volunteers and paid staff will not be placed into situations where  monetary transactions may be misunderstood or misconstrued

~ That a clear process will exist and be followed for all such transactions


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy):

1.   All personal purchases from Cafe V, Cafe V Express or the Gift Shop will be conducted as per the procedures set out in this policy document.

 2.   ALL volunteers and paid staff of the Volunteer Association are entitled to a 20% discount on ANY food or drink product available through Cafe V, Cafe V Express or the gift shop at any time.

3. Paid staff of Lyell McEwin Hospital shall be extended a 10% discount on gift items only through the gift shop. No discounts apply on food or drink items to hospital staff members. 

4.   Volunteers and paid staff are not to approach vendors directly for orders. Requests will be forwarded via paid Business Services staff members.

 5.   Sales of direct marketing products (eg Avon, Amway, Neways etc) between volunteers and/or paid staff shall not be conducted in Association work areas. Those wishing to distribute / sell these items should do so outside of work hours and work areas

 6.   Where any doubt exists regarding the acceptance of any gift, goods or service, advice should be obtained from the Café V Manager or EO.

 7.   All volunteers and paid staff wishing to purchase items or goods for personal use are to firstly ask a paid staff member, or in their absence another volunteer to arrange and witness the purchase on their behalf.

 8.   The paid staff member or volunteer will gather the goods which have been asked for on behalf of the person requiring the goods, and complete the cash transaction with them


Approved by Board resolution on 28th April 1998

Last revised: March 2014