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Policy 9.5 – Vending Machine Policy



POLICY NUMBER:                                    9.5


As an integral part of it’s fundraising efforts the Volunteer Association seeks to preserve the integrity of its right to oversee vending machine operations at the LMH site


To ensure that vending opportunities at LMH are co-ordinated by a single point of contact

To safeguard valuable funding avenues which are used to support the work of the LM Regional Volunteer Association

NB. This policy is based on an original CNAHS Policy regarding vending which was drafted by LMHS Volunteers in 2000


PROCEDURES (To implement Policy)

  1. The right to manage vending operations at the Lyell McEwin shall be granted exclusively to Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association Inc
  2. Profits from vending will be paid directly to the Volunteer Association
  3. The Executive Officer of the Volunteer Association will be the contact point between the vending companies and LMH
  4. All wards and departments wishing to install vending will apply to the LMRVA who will negotiate the placement of the machine on their behalf.
  5. All applications for changes to current vending (ie. placement of additional machines or relocation of existing machines to new locations) shall be directed to the Director of Nursing & Patient Care Services for approval.
  6. Following approval, it will be the responsibility of the LMRVA to arrange for installation through the vending company and where appropriate, the Engineering and Building Department
  7. The Volunteer Association will negotiate with the Risk Management Department to ensure that machine placement meets with appropriate WH&S guidelines
  8. All new placements will adhere to SA govt Healthy Food Guidelines


Dated  Endorsed by Board 24/1/2001

Last reviewed March 2014